LIFE Classes

At Capital Community Church, LIFE classes are a part of our DNA. It is through these Sunday morning small groups that we join together in community and the studying of God's Word.

Life classes meet from the Sunday after Labor Day to the Sunday before Memorial Day weekend from 9-10am.   

     Age and grade as of September 1, 2017

 Lambs (birth - 11 months)                                       1402
 Lions (12-36 months) 1404 
3-4 year olds 1320
5 years -2nd grade           1316
 3rd - 5th Grade 1311 


 Middle School                                                                                                                   1208 
 High School 1215


College/Young Professionals: Gospel Project: The Promised Land  
Jordan Poole/Phillip Todd
      Room 0304

A study of the Bible as a whole, examining each book chonologically through the lens of God's plan for redemption through Jesus Christ.

The Fight and the Fortification of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd John
      Kenny Jones/Daniel Summers 
      Room 0302

The apostle John sent a series of letters to his beloved churches with a series of salient messages.  God was saying something critical to his family during the first century, and he is saying it still today.  He warned against the pervasiveness of false teachers and the importance of keeping the gospel pure.  He instructed the church on how it should confront false teachers when the fight ensues, and finally he offered encouragement in the battle.  Come with your questions.  Come to be equipped and encouraged as we walk through 1st, 2nd, and 3rd John.  

Discipleship Essentials: Does God really care about how we do church?
      Jim Briggs/Wayne Roper
      Room 0301

Why is church such a big deal? Why do we worship? How should we pray? Can we really make a difference in this world? Paul offers practical answers these questions in this important letter to the Ephesians. Each Sunday we will discover the secret to living a connected life as a follower of Jesus. 

Heaven and Hell, Two Real Countries
     Thomas Mabiala
     Room 1310

What does the Bible says about the eternal state of all of humanity? The answer to that question will drive the way we as Christians live and how we share the Good News of Jesus Christ.